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Thinking about a career change? Here are 7 reasons why working in aged care is everything you think it isn’t.

Feeling a little ho-hum about your current job or career path? Do you crave working in an industry that is diverse, energetic, ever-growing, forward-thinking and above all, fills your cup? One sector ticks all those boxes and then some, but chances are it’s not what you think.

Here are seven reasons why it’s time to get excited about a career in aged care and discover the myriad of benefits you may not know existed.


1. It’s dynamic and perfectly suited to innovative thinkers

In years gone by, the aged care sector has been pigeonholed as a somewhat stagnant, dull and monotonous space, with little go-forward or innovation. In 2023 however, engaging interactions, ongoing learning opportunities, interdisciplinary teamwork, and advancements in medical care, technology, and therapies are just some of the reasons why aged care is the place to be.

Working in the industry means constantly learning and adapting to new techniques and practices, ensuring your skills and knowledge are up to date. Furthermore, people from various disciplines such as nursing, community care, and clinical specialisations collaborate to provide streamlined, cohesive, and comprehensive client support. This nurtures a dynamic and enriching work environment, where different perspectives and expertise converge to enhance the quality of care.


2. It’s a booming industry; now and always.

If you would like to work in an industry that is ‘future proof’, look no further – you’ve found it. Demographic forecasting indicates that the already high demand for aged care services will continue to soar in the years to come. This is due to both an ageing population and advancements in medical technology allowing people to live longer. With increased life expectancy, more complex health needs will arise, and employment opportunities will be in high demand. Additionally, aged care positions often require a personal touch and cannot be ‘automated’, making them less vulnerable to economic fluctuations.  


3. You can make a REAL difference

Caring for seniors is fun, deeply rewarding, and enables you to make your mark. Just ask Ammorie, who once worked in an unfulfilling IT role before she decided it was time to pursue something more gratifying. After obtaining a Certificate in Aged Care, she has thrived as a Feros Care community support worker for the past six years. As Ammorie discovered, building relationships with older adults, their families, and the aged care community provides a fierce sense of purpose. The satisfaction from helping improve an individual’s life and being part of their unique journey is something special.


4. The options are endless – all ‘trades’ welcome!

Whether you’re a wellbeing manager, IT manager, marketing specialist, cleaner, physiotherapist, carer, or anything in between, aged care offers a multitude of career options. There is a wide array of roles across clinical care, community care, and shared services, from entry level right through to senior management. There is also a healthy mix of permanent part time or full-time positions, many of which are flexible to work in with your lifestyle.


5. Qualifications and prior experience are not always essential!

Whilst relevant training and/or prior experience will be viewed favourably for many positions in the industry, they aren’t always essential. In fact, some aged care providers like Feros Care will finance the mandatory qualifications for some community service roles. And for the right people, they even pay employees to study!


6. You can be YOU

Contrary to popular belief, aged care providers and the people they care for are open-minded and champions for inclusivity and diversity. For example, Feros Care employ, nurture and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, people who are culturally and linguistically diverse, live with disability or neurodiversity, and/or identify as LGBTQIA+SB.


7. The clients are multi-faceted, fun, and full of life

While some clients have higher care needs than others, the overwhelming majority are passionate, positive, and full of fascinating insight. Working with older adults allows for rich interactions and the opportunity to hear unique life stories. Each individual has a different background, wisdom, and perspective to share, making the work engaging, interesting, and intellectually stimulating. There’s so much to learn from the senior generation and a career in aged care provides access to this priceless lived experience.


To learn more about how a career in aged care can change your life, contact Feros Care at feroscare.com.au/careers or call 1300 090 256.

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