School Savvy CQ

Getting children ready for a new school year can be a struggle for many families.

For families on low incomes, or children who rely on Centrelink benefits, it can be especially tough. School Savvy CQ aims to help as many children as possible be back to school ready, with the appropriate resources required to succeed.

School Savvy CQ is an annual back to school resources initiative aimed at children and families who are in need of financial assistance. Preloved uniforms are made available to purchase at very little cost, at a pop up store located within the region. School Savvy CQ’s aim is to provide children with the basics required to make the most of their school year and optimize their access to education.

School Savvy CQ is 100% community funded, meaning that all resources required are sourced through community donations, financial sponsorship and partnerships with other social services.

You can help by dropping any pre-loved school uniforms or stationery items in our donation bin in centre.

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